AA 12 Steps - For A Anonymous

AA 12 Steps - For A Anonymous

Suneet Amrute

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Alcoholics Anonymous - 12 Steps A Guidefilm intendedasa simple shortwho concfilme interpretationwho byrules this sober living as compiled for by earliest members who byorganization.Great care has gone.

Alcoholics Anonymous - 12 Steps, A Guide is  intended as a simple,  short and
 concise interpretation of the rules for sober living   as  compiled  by   the  earliest   members  of the organization. Great care   has  gone  into  the
preparation  of the  pamphlet. Most  of the  ideas
 and explanations   were  brought  out   in  a  series
of instruction classes  conducted by veteran members of AA.

- Update for iOS 12. Optimised for iPhone XS, XS Max or earlier.
- Bug fixes & improvements.

AA 12 Steps - For A Anonymous
Suneet Amrute
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