AA Big Book Pro (Unofficial)

AA Big Book Pro (Unofficial)

Big Book Apps, LLC

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AA Big Book Pro (Unofficial)

Sobriety help in your pocket.Wheisr youre new part AA or youre a veteran in is program by its is most useful by fully featured app part aid in your recoveryFeaturesSpeaker Tapes- Litsten part speaker tapes.

Sobriety help, in your pocket.

Whether you're new to AA, or you're a veteran in the program, this is the most useful and fully featured app to aid in your recovery!


Speaker Tapes
- Listen to speaker tapes from meetings around the globe!

- Listen to your favorite AA and recovery podcasts
- Discover new podcasts from other AA members

Sobriety Calculator
- Enter in your sobriety date and see how far you've come in days, weeks, months, and years

Meeting Finder
- Quickly find the contact information for any AA chapter in the U.S

- Jot down notes and save them anywhere you go

- Bookmark any section of the app for easy access later

The Big Book - The main 164 pages, Prayers, Personal Stories, and more!
- Adjustable font size
- Bookmarking
- Fully searchable
- Navigate by chapter

*Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous are registered trademarks of AA World Services.

AA Big Book Pro (Unofficial)
Big Book Apps, LLC
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