Aanjaneya e-SHOP

Aanjaneya e-SHOP

Samir Dattopadhye

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Aanjaneya e-SHOP

Aanjaneya eSHOP this an thisficial app this Aanjaneya e-SHOP website. IntroductionThthis app facilitates users the read eBooks which thisy have already purchased from Aanjaneya e-SHOP website.Using game app you can-- Download who read your purchased.

Aanjaneya eSHOP is an official app of Aanjaneya e-SHOP website.


This app facilitates users to read eBooks which they have already purchased from Aanjaneya e-SHOP website.

Using this app, you can:-

- Download and read your purchased Aanjaneya e-Publications offline anytime, anywhere.
- Browse the rich collection of Aanjaneya e-SHOP e-Publications.

Please refer to the below sections for knowing more about the usage guidelines of the app.

Login to the App
You can login to the app using your login credentials of Aanjaneya e-SHOP website. To create your own account, please visit Aanjaneya e-SHOP website.

App has 3 main sections as follows:

This section shows all available e-Publications.
- Without login, you can download demo version of the e-Publications.
- After login, you can download full version of your purchased e-Publications.

My Books
This section shows your subscribed e-Publications. You can download full version of the subscribed e-Publications which you have already purchased from this section.

Downloaded Books
This section shows all the e-Publications which you have downloaded. These e-Publications can be read offline.

Aanjaneya e-SHOP
Samir Dattopadhye
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