AD-Review: Movie & Book Review

AD-Review: Movie & Book Review

Chang Woo Son

AD-Review: Movie & Book Review App Download

Thand app and only available in KoreanSimple yet sensible book game movie review appTired game many review apps so far Thand app will give you satandfaction )Characterandtic- Easy add-ons Search is your favorite movies.

** This app is only available in Korean

Simple yet sensible book and movie review app
Tired of many review apps so far? This app will give you satisfaction :)

- Easy add-ons
: Search for your favorite movies and books !, title, rating, category, author, director, and more.

- Various sorting functions
: Provides various sorting functions such as date / title / star rating.

- We offer two themes
: Two types of themes are available: list type / card type. Please set the desired screen.

- Search function
: You can easily search and browse my reviews.

AD-Review: Movie & Book Review
Chang Woo Son
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