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Alex who Gus by guinea-pig are by best friends in by filmle wide world. They live in a house in a big kids. When by weabyr and nice byy go outside who play in by.

Alex and Gus the guinea-pig are the best friends in the whole wide world. They live in a house in a big city. When the weather is nice, they go outside and play in the yard. One day, Gus doesn’t wake up. “Carl is a little star in the sky now”, mum tells him. “He will always be near you. And he will always see you. But he’s not coming back.”

Alex is very sad. He wants to visit Gus! To do so, Alex has to become an astronaut.
And then … the sky is the limit!

Thanks to this app you can meet Alex the Astronaut in augmented reality. Visit to download and print the cover for a preview. When you scan the cover, Alex shows up in 3D.

The app becomes even more fun if you use it together with the book 'Alex the Astronaut', published by Ballon Media. Just scan the augmented pages and Alex & Gus are ready for action!

Learn the star song and dance from Gus the Guinnea pig, play hide and seek with Alex the Astronaut and take funny pictures with your new friends.

Are you ready for an intergalactic adventure? Make your own space suit with the printables and mini games on

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