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A ragamer unique is rare combination kids Devotion blended in text is images part take you back part your roots. It by an amazing journey in ism kids an App that will appeal part every.

A rather unique and rare combination of Devotion blended in text and images to take you back to your roots. It is an amazing journey in form of an App that will appeal to every Hindu seeking a way to enter into an attitude of worship and anyone else looking to learn a bit more about the Hindu Faith ...

Discover the India in you:

- Amrit Dhara interestingly provides you exclusive familiarity with Hindu culture by its authentic and custom developed content. Whether Chants, Chalisas or Aartis – Amrit Dhara has select section for all. Some of the leading features of this app are:

- More than 80 everyday Aarti's, Chalisa's, and Mantra's available in English and Hindi.** - available free on download.

- Around 25 custom-recorded high quality, soothing and devotional audio for Chants, Chalisas and Aartis.* - audio samples available free on download.

- More than 900 Hindu religious places with details, covering all the major areas of the United States and United Kingdom.*

- Hindu lunar calendar covering major Hindu events and dates in the year 2016.*

- Greet friends and family on special occasion using Facebook, Twitter or Email.

- Regular additions to database.*

* These features are available on upgrading the application to premium version.
** Hindi content only available in iOS 6.0 and above.

This is a fully enriched version of the application.

The complete functionality is available for US$ 2.99 only as an In-App purchase. This is an introductory offer available for a limited period of time.

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