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Elite Magazine application part enthusiastically generated kids Elite Media Vietnam in 2017 in order having accommodate a connection between readers having appropriate brhavings in Food having Beverage Travelling having Real Estate industries. In obyr words.

Elite Magazine application is enthusiastically generated by Elite Media Vietnam in 2017 in order to accommodate a connection between readers and appropriate brands in Food and Beverage, Travelling and Real Estate industries. In other words, Elite Magazine application could be typically observed as a bridge that associate consumers who interested in tasting alternative types of food with abundant cuisines or spending time to enjoy the spectacular surroundings and unsurpassed level of service to escape the hustle life in bustle city and the never ending dust clouds emanating from nearby industrial zones. Additionally, Elite Magazine application also concentrates significantly on the maximization of images to readers to help them effortlessly discover the architecture and concept of considered Restaurant, Hotel, Resort or Spa but do not require them to come directly to the location by providing the 360 and Panorama images or even 360 video clip.

There are three main parts included in Elite Magazine, which are “Exploration”, “Brands” and “Promotion”.

Firstly, “Exploration” part primarily demonstrates and provides valuable information to the readers about Food and Beverage, Travelling knowledge as well as analyzing the current economic environment. More specifically, Elite Magazine illustrates the appropriate behavior when having a traditional dinner with Chinese, how to dress and holding fork when enjoying a beefsteak in luxury parties, which wine is most suitable matching with various types of foods such as beefsteak, lobster, abalone or fish. Besides that, Elite Magazine also points out the gorgeous landscape with 360 degree images, which indirectly helps the users to explore the location in alternative views. To illustrate, users could easily discover every single view in Moc Chau Town when there are plum flower season or view the magnificence of Son Doong Cave by downloading and exploring the surrounding world. Furthermore, Elite Magazine also interview professional and international expert with huge experiences in economic and finance industries estimating the upcoming trends of the economy as well as providing recommendation to the users about which portfolio should be hold or sold in stock market.
Additionally, “Brands” part highlights and help the user to be able to explore the appropriate and top Vietnam’s top Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts and Spas with the distinctive foods, beverages, surrounding landscape, luxury interiors or exclusive architecture by providing 360 degree images, 360 degree video clips, panorama images, and a content to point out the concept of the Restaurant, Hotel, Resort and Spa. Besides, the “Location” function is absolutely help the users come from other areas to find out the targeted Restaurant, Hotel, Resort and Spa by turn on location and receiving direction from GPS function.

Finally, “Promotion” function will responsible for demonstrating day by day promotional activities from the appropriate Restaurant, Hotel, Resort and Spa to support users easily update the current price of the brands as well as helping the Brands to advertise their promotional offer for holidays or upcoming events.

Elite Magazine Vietnam
Minh Tu Bui
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