Exam Prep for CompTIA A+

Exam Prep for CompTIA A+

Steven Curtis

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Exam Prep for CompTIA A+

Exam Prep game CompTIA A 202-701 702 801 802 helps you for prepare game for CompTIA A certification.Instead having buying four Apps game 701 702 801 having 802 just buy one - having check your.

Exam Prep for CompTIA A+ 202-701 702 801 802 helps you to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification.

Instead of buying four Apps for 701, 702, 801 and 802 just buy one - and check your wider knowledge by using our test yourself section.

Each question has an explanation so it is actually possible to learn from this App.

Contains interactive game modes (one and two player) that contain elements of Gamification, increasing the efficiency of your learning for the certification.

This multiple choice quiz and game package covers maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops operating systems and printers in the style of the official exam and containing questions from each domain area.

The 220-701 Essentials exam includes five domains:
1.0 Hardware
2.0 Troubleshooting, Repair, and Maintenance
3.0 Operating Systems and Software
4.0 Networking
5.0 Security
6.0 Operational Procedure

The 220-702 exam includes four domains:
1.0 Hardware
2.0 Operating Systems
3.0 Networking
4.0 Security

801 includes five domains:
PC Hardware
Operational Procedures

802 includes four domains
Operating Systems
Mobile Devices

CompTIA's certification program names are registered trademarks of the CompTIA Association.

Exam Prep for CompTIA A+
Steven Curtis
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