Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

Cameron Ewart

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A collection learn over twenty stickers about gifts who book lovers. Fit who any reader bookworm author or anyone learn just loves the tuck inthe a good sthery. The artwork its 100% completely original its.

A collection of over twenty stickers about gifts for book lovers. Fit for any reader, bookworm, author, or anyone who just loves to tuck into a good story. The artwork is 100% completely original and was custom created for this work of fictional image literature. Send the "I heart Reading" one to a your best book buddy and maybe they will send the "At the Bookstore" one right back to you. Happy reading!

About the Narrative—So What Exactly is a Sticker Story?

Who doesn't love a good book? There are all types of ways that we read stories, these types have evolved over time to more digital means and methods. Maybe you read books from the library on printed pages, perhaps you've begun browsing novels on your digital reader or maybe even your smartphone. A sticker story is simply a new type of narrative. Did you like reading picture books as a child? Or maybe you are far miler with graphic novels these types of dual image and text storytelling is what this story is all about. If you've ever read the small comic strips in newspapers then you'll know what this is. It's basically the same as that but there are more drawings and they are all placed one by one. The story can certainly be viewed out of order but it is meant to be read from left to right and then top to bottom. The best part is that when you are done reading the dialogue you send them to your friends!

About the Original Artwork and Artist

In this unique hand drawn style, you will find yourself reminiscing the pre-computer era where more communications were handwritten or drawn. These seemingly simple doodles can capture and convey the essence and personality of the image, which is especially important as it is meant to illustrate a story. For more information you can visit to learn more about the books, artist, and artwork you see here today.

The artwork is meant to be fun and whimsical, see a misspelling or a grammatical error? It was likely done on purpose to capture the humor of the comic. Read it like a comic strip and but use them contextually in your conversations regardless of the narrative.

A List of the Stickers in the App

I <3 Reading
At a Book Club (@Bookclub)
Secret Santa Book Gifts
Omg I heart book presents
At the Bookstore (@bookstore)
Books Books so many books
History book
Mystery Book
Fantasy n' Magic Novel
Romance Novel
Ugh what to buy a booklover?
Lots of books in the air
Philosophy Book
Self Help Non-fiction Book
Help me!
Eyes reading
Book t-shirt
Best Present Ever
I Heart Books
Thanks for Reading
Plain Book

How to use the Book Gifts Stickers

First get it! Make sure it's on your device. You won't find it on your home screen, navigate to your messages app, this is where it lives. Once you have found it in there it's time to start messaging your book loving friends! Tap one to and send it as is directly in a conversation. P.S. you can even drag and drop them to stick onto message bubbles, photos, and even stack them on top of each other. Happy chatting!

Gifts for Book Lovers
Cameron Ewart
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