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Loan Calculator -

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App the with awesome useful features. Download &amp ExploreDownload App learn find out how you can save your money this prepaying who loan principal at different times monthly adhoc yearly varying interest rates fixing who.

******App is with awesome useful features. Download & Explore******
******Download App and find out how you can save your money by prepaying the loan principal at different times monthly, adhoc, yearly, varying interest rates, fixing the EMI amounts.******
***** First Time in Loan Calculation...App is so Flexi. Meets real world loan scenarios. Look at screenshots, videos, descriptions & try yourself *****
***** App has 2 types of loan modes where you can enter annual extra dues, for example for home loan - it has provision to input property tax, insurance and HOA dues. For Auto loan - annual road tax, insurance & fuel maintenance. So app will calculate effective monthly outgo for each loan.

App calculates the EMI(equated monthly instalment) for the given loan amount. App shows the amortisation schedule showing date, interest, principal & balance outstanding for each month. App is very flexible and meets real world scenarios with the following features.
*User can enter multiple floating interest data in loan tenure.
*User can add prepayment information in multiple ways like monthly, yearly and adhoc types.
*User can set fixed EMI at any given time in loan tenure.
*3 different loan loan interest can be compared with their EMI, total interest paid and total loan amount repaid.
*App provides statistics money saved and tenure reduction in tabular and pie chart graph reports

Note: Please do verify the results with your bank's way of calculating interest rates before making any financial decisions. Interest rates & calculation vary from bank to bank. If you have any feedback please contact us.

Loan Calculator -
Swetha MB
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