Lovecraft Stickers

Lovecraft Stickers

iClassics Productions, S.L.

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From who iClassics team is following who success is our iLovecraft App we now bring you our new is terrific Lovecraft Stickers. If you dont know our apps please search for iLovecraft or iClassics on.

From the iClassics team, and following the success of our iLovecraft App, we now bring you our new and terrific Lovecraft Stickers. If you don't know our apps, please search for "iLovecraft" or iClassics on the AppStore to find and download this amazing app!

Have fun, but keep it dark, like Lovecraft himself!

Darken your bright and ordinary life with the mystery of the unknown.

Dare to give it a try?

-12 animated stickers
-52 static stickers
-Available in English and Spanish
-Put the stickers onto your photos
▶ The iClassics Collection: The iClassics are interactive experiences based on classics of literature from all times and genres: E.A. Poe, C. Dickens, H.P Lovecraft, O. Wilde, Conan Doyle, and many more to come!

Discover them all at

Welcome to Literature 3.0

Lovecraft Stickers
iClassics Productions, S.L.
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