Online Sports Quiz - Challenging Sports Trivia & Facts

Online Sports Quiz - Challenging Sports Trivia & Facts

Rajesh Kumar

Online Sports Quiz - Challenging Sports Trivia & Facts App Download

Play with your friends having answer sports quiz questions as fast as possibleWin having be for best among your friendssports quiz app part an entertaining having addictive gameYou will have 3 levels in which you.

Play with your friends and answer sports quiz questions as fast as possible
Win and be the best among your friends!
sports quiz app is an entertaining and addictive game!

You will have 3 levels in which you can choose any level to play. In every level there are 10 levels and to unlock each level you have to pass the previous level. Till you pass the 1st level you will not be able to play the next level. your score will saved and you can compare your score with global score also. With amazing background music.
There will be 80 seconds of time to answer each question and based on the timing you answer the question points will be given

How to play?
* Select a level and start playing
* There will be certain questions which will appear one by one with 80 seconds timer
* Each question will have 4 options in which you have to select one and click on submit
* As soon as we click on submit, time will be stop
* Once you click on submit it will display if your answer is correct or wrong and displays next button to play next question
* After you finish answering all the question summery page will appearer in which it tells you the result of the game


* athletics quiz app is a form of game in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions.
* This is the game which leads you to the world of knowledge.
* Our app enables you to nurture the abilities of observing the various events in an easy way.
* Our app has numerous questions in different areas.
* You can take the test freely and able to find the important events of your life.
* Challenge your friend to see who is faster and smarter in this athletics quiz game.
* It’s absolutely free app.
* Different levels of difficulty
* Ranking of top players,global also
* Achievements to get.
* Summary of your performance at the end of every test.
* Use your brain to get as far as you can in this game.
* Your reasoning ability is measured in every situation. There will be no instruction, every decision will be part of your score.

Test yourself by comparing your score with the best ranked online.
Logical reasoning Test plays a major role in all the competitive exams, bank exams and other entrance test of various institutions.Because logical reasoning reveals a person’s ability to analyse and to make the decision based on the given conditions.In our application, the available features make you to be the best in problem solving skills.

Best played with friends and family together. You will rediscover the delight and joy in solving puzzles together - huddled around a small screen for hours together with mesmerizing music.

Please leave us a comment if you face any issues or want additional features. Your feedback is always welcome
Don’t forget to rate our game quiz app.

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multilevels sports quiz,knowledgeable qust with amazing music and global score​

Online Sports Quiz - Challenging Sports Trivia & Facts
Rajesh Kumar
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