How to turn iPhone Safe Mode on and off?

How to turn iPhone Safe Mode on and off?

1 year ago
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How to turn iPhone Safe Mode on and off?

Apple's smartphone iPhone users wonder how to turn on and off Safe Mode, in other words. By opening Safe Mode, you can disable external tweaking or other illegal applications on your device.


You can easily understand that your device has entered Safe Mode, if the installed tweaks you entered in the settings are not visible. Also, in some cases, the background image on your device may turn black, but it will recover after respring. After the wrong tweaks we have installed, the device will not turn on, it will allow us to return the device to its original state in cases where the apple is stuck and unstable.


Everything you have to do is very simple:

First turn off your device,

Turn on your device by holding down the Power and Volume up keys,

Take your hand off the Power Key when the Apple logo comes up.

Press and hold the volume up key until the device is fully powered on.

Enter Cydia, remove any faulty tweaks and reset.

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